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Here you can find answers to the most popular questions we get asked:

Why can't I install the miner?

It is very common that antivirus software will stop you downloading / installing the mining software. If this happens, we suggest temporarily disabling your antivirus software or allowing it within the antivirus software.

How does the PPLNS reward system work?

PPLNS stands for Pay Per Last Number of Shares. PukkaPool uses the PPLNS system as it is the best method to ensure miners are paid fairly for their work. It helps to prevent pool hopping as miners are paid for the last N shares in the PPLNS window at the moment the block is found.

Should I choose pool mining or solo mining?

By default, you should choose pool mining. You should only consider solo mining if you have a large amount of hash power and are prepared to wait for your rewards.

What are the available pool mining addresses?
What are available pool ports?

Pukka Pool provides many ports with varying starting difficulty. Please select them based on your hash rate / miner speed:

Port Starting Difficulty Description SSL
3000 1,000 Low-End Hardware (Up to 30-40 h/s)
3333 1,000 Low-End Hardware (Up to 30-40 h/s)
5000 5,000 Medium-Range Hardware (Up to 160 h/s)
5555 5,000 Medium-Range Hardware (Up to 160 h/s)
7000 10,000 High-End Hardware (Anything else!)
7777 10,000 High-End Hardware (Anything else!)
9000 20,000 Standard SSL Port
10000 100,000 Mining Hardware
10001 100,000 Mining Hardware
10002 500,000 Mining Hardware
10003 500,000 Mining Hardware
10004 1m Mining Hardware
10005 1m Mining Hardware
10800 262,144 Nice Hash
10888 262,144 Nice Hash
When do payments happen?

Payments happen automatically every few hours when your total due reaches your minimum payment threshold. By default, the payment threshold is set to 0.3 XMR but you can lower it in on the dashboard under the settings tab. Please note that the minimum payment amount that can be set is 0.003 XMR.

Why have I not received a reward after mining for 12 hours?

You will receive your rewards as soon as the next block is found. So please be patient.

How long does it take to find a block?

The time taken to find a block varies greatly and is dependent on the pool hashrate, the network difficulty and the overall network hashrate. As a smaller pool when our hashrate is low, it may take us several days or even weeks to find a block, but if you mine with a smaller pool you will get considerably larger rewards although they will be less frequent. This is because you will receive a larger share of the block rewards from a smaller pool like ours.

How do I set or update an email address for notifications?

On the Dashboard, you can choose to register for email rig notifications or turn alerts on or off for your registered email. If you lose access to your email or forget your email address and need to change it, please email and provide your XMR wallet address so we can reset your email address.

Is it possible to open pool dashboard on specific XMR address?

Yes, you can use"your_xmr_address".

Am I paid only for the coin blocks I mine?

Pool Mining: For normal pool mining, the answer is No. The pool pays you your share from every block we find as a pool. Your pay share is based on the amount of hashes (shares) you submitted within the PPLNS window on the moment a block is found. This means that you will still be paid even after you stopped mining as long as your shares are within PPLNS window.

Solo Mining: For solo mining, the answer is Yes. You will only receive rewards for the blocks you mine yourself. You will not receive any pool rewards but you will receive all of the block rewards for the coin blocks you mine.

Can I have payment if I have less than 0.003 XMR?

Sorry, no. The minimum payment the pool supports is 0.003 XMR. This helps to prevent congesting the network with lots of very small payments. Please accumulate 0.003 XMR to get payment.

How much is the pool fee?

The pool fee is very low at just 0.6%.

Is there a way to change my wallet address (move total amount due from one wallet to another)?

Generally, no. However it can be reviewed on case by case basis if there is enough evidence that you are asking to move money from wallet you own. That includes you knowing email address for that wallet (if it is set); stopping ALL mining activity for at least one week to your old wallet; other checks that we will not disclose now.

Why does my miner recieve a pool error about throttled shares?

Because you are connecting too many miners with too low diff. Either increase miner diff or use mining proxy.

What is the miner ban policy on this pool?

In case of invalid shares, the pool can use temporary IP based bans that will be automatically removed.

Permanent XMR address ban can be only issued if we get enough evidence that any wallet address on the pool is used for malware/botnet activities. By enough evidence we mean at least several reports from different sources. And by address ban we mean that workers that try to use this address will be rejected. We do not plan to freeze already mined funds (total due), so they can be retrieved by setting lower payment threshold in home page miner options as usual.

Why are some of my worker names replaced by all_other_workers worker?

This is because you are using a large amount of worker names and to avoid DB / network channel overloads all extra miners are joined under all_other_workers worker name.

Does PukkaPool support mining with NiceHash?

Yes, our stratum pool servers are optmized to work with NiceHash, visit our NiceHash setup page to get started.

Does PukkaPool support mining with Mining Rig Rentals?

Yes, our stratum pool servers are optmized to work with Mining Rig Rentals, visit our Mining Rig Rentals setup page to get started.

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